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Used Pontiac Grand Prix

The Pontiac Grand Prix started out as a personal luxury car in the early 1960s. Back then, personal luxury meant a big coupe with a big V8 and a stylish interior, usually featuring plush bucket seats and a floor shifter. Exterior design bordered on flamboyant at times, but the Pontiac Grand Prix makes no apologies for its unabashed sense of American style and performance.


The Pontiac Grand Prix offers consumers a sensibly sized family coupe or sedan, with plenty of performance on tap thanks to the availability of peppy V6 engines or even a powerful V8. Styling continued to be a draw, with a sweeping roof line and the signature twin-grille nose.

Body Style

The last-generation Pontiac Grand Prix debuted in 2004 and was terminated after 2008. It benefited from a refined engine lineup, fine-tuned ride and handling characteristics and a more driver-friendly cockpit with large gauges and, simple controls. The Pontiac Grand Prix coupe was dropped, leaving the Pontiac Grand Prix sedan as the lone body style.

Trim Levels

There were two trim levels for the Pontiac Grand Prix's last years of production -- base and GXP. The Pontiac Grand Prix base model came with a 200-horsepower V6 as well as 16-inch wheels, OnStar, a CD player, cruise control, air-conditioning, keyless entry, and power windows and mirrors. The Pontiac Grand Prix GXP included a 303-hp V8, firmer suspension tuning, performance tires, a head-up display, unique trim and 18-inch alloys. Leather seating and automatic dual-zone climate control were optional.


Performance, even in the Pontiac Grand Prix base model, is satisfying, and gets quite a bit stronger from there. The V8-powered GXP provides a thrilling rush of power. Used car buyers will love balance of power, fuel economy and handling

pontiac grand prix exterior image
pontiac grand prix interior image